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The Visa Slovak Top Shop stone operations competition is coming to Slovakia with the titular partner of the Visa competition. The co-organizer of the evaluation is the magazine instore Slovakia, which runs the retail blog miestopredaja.sk. Other partners are SAMSUNG, pos media and empea.

The winners of the Visa Slovak Top Shop 2021 were solemnly announced on April 27, 2022 in Binari, Bratislava. The Slovnaft gas station on Přístavná Street became the absolute winner. The second place deservedly belongs to the Super Zoo in Rača. And Martinus placed third in the tight curtain in the newly opened Niva shopping center.

In the photo, Ľubica Gubová (country leader Visa SK) hands over the first place Visa Slovak Top Shop 2021 to Martin Gregor (Retail Consumer & Digital Marketing Manager Slovnaft) for operation - Slovnaft gas station.

"We are constantly improving our services and products and offering Slovak traders a support system that they can rely on at any time. Whether they are just starting their new business or improving existing operations. We hope that through Visa Slovak Top Shop we will introduce consumers to other interesting stores in Slovakia and help retailers to improve the customer experience. "


Marcel Gajdoš

Visa General Manager for Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary 


The winners are selected on the basis of a point evaluation of stores and services by an independent commission of inspectors. Each month, it visits a nominated group of establishments and evaluates customer experience in eight categories:

Exterior of the operation - neatness and interest

Operation concept / design

Navigation / orientation in operation, possibly in departments / shelves

Exhibition / presentation of services

POP communication, including ongoing events

Cashless Friendly - support for modern payment methods

Digital Signage - use of digital media

Staff - appropriate number, willingness, activity and expertise

May 2022


The May winner was a design gem - a company shop under the Smolenice castle at the foot of the Little Carpathians. It was founded by three friends in 2013, who were united by their love for nature and beekeeping. The parish barn, more than 200 years old, has been sensitively restored and everything that could be preserved has been preserved. A full range of their own production - honeys, meads, honey beer and spirits is complemented by a variety of bee and other themed products. The Smolenice Včelovina wins many awards, this year it became the best in the world for the second time. The establishment offers several tasting options in a magical tasting room and opens the door to the world of production with a guided tour. An excursion through the beautiful bee garden will delight not only the children, but also the parents, who can enjoy sitting in the café with a magnificent view. In addition to tours and tastings, Včelovina opens its doors to the general public at the regular festival of honey drinks - Medokvas, which is very popular not only with the locals.

April 2022


Kozmetické or Douglas in Aupark Shopping Center Bratislava opened its gates in April 2017, in 2020 the store underwent a redesign. Huge selection of cosmetic products, luxurious atmosphere, exclusive service and advice. Welcome to the world of scents, beauty and charm. Welcome to Douglas in Aupark. Whether you are looking for your favorite cream, need makeup for different occasions, or advise on choosing a daily routine, you are in the right place. It is interesting that the operation offers an hour-long skin treatment of a prestigious cosmetic brand in a premium line. Order online and let yourself be pampered by professionals in the privacy of a specially designed cabin within the store.

March 2022


MTBIKER is one of the most visited cycling portals in the world, in the V4 region it is even the largest portal. It was founded in 1998 as the first in Slovakia and today enjoys a growing community of over 200,000 bikers. It has been operating an e-shop since 2014, in 2016 it opened the MTBIKER center in Hrádek and since April 2021 a very impressive showroom and outlet on Svätoplukova Street in Bratislava in the historic Pradiarna 1900 building. Visa Slovak Top Shop 2022. The space acts as a gallery. The white industrial interior in combination with the exhibited pieces looks unusual. At the same time, the arrangement of the goods is at a high level. In the shop you will find bicycles for all ages, clothes and accessories. You can monitor the repair of your bicycle in the open service area, the date can also be booked online. MTBIKER provides perfect cleaning of the bicycle, it offers storage racks at the entrance, but it is also possible to store the bicycle in the store.

February 2022


The winner of February is the largest online retailer of perfumes and cosmetics in Europe. Discounts, promotions, gifts to buy - even that is Notino. If you order the goods online, you can pick them up at the OC Central store. Upon entry, you will pay for your order via a payment machine or choose one of the cash registers - very simple and fast. The store has several "gadgets" that save time. For example, searching for your favorite lipstick via tablet, recommended products, broken down by brand. If you are unable to give advice, trained staff will be happy to advise you. Shopping is a pleasure in Notina.


Food from our

The winner of January was the only food of its kind, located further away from the city bustle - in Devín. They are open to registered customers even outside opening hours. That's what we call a specialty! Upon entering, he welcomes Jarvis customers, who let you into the store on the basis of a face scan. Jarvis has an overview of shopping, food consumption, and advice on online selection. Professional staff will prepare fresh, delicious coffee. The groceries also have their own bakery. Wine shop? No problem! You will take it by elevator, and even a sommelier will take you. You choose from nice wines from all over the world. You can then take your purchase on a shared car, bicycle or scooter, or simply have it delivered to your home. Every registered customer can use gifts, discounts and many other extra services.



A store that will immediately appeal to your senses. Pleasant scents and nicely arranged tempting bottles - it's really not easy to decide on just one perfume here. Whether you are looking for your favorite cosmetics or a suitable gift, professional and helpful beauty consultants, who are above standard in the world of fragrances and cosmetics, will advise you on everything. We guarantee that the Fann perfumery in the newly opened Niva shopping center in Bratislava will call you back.



If you travel by bus to and from Bratislava, you will probably not miss a visit to the newly opened Niva shopping center. The journey will go faster with a good book and waiting for the connection will be made more pleasant by the original "book café". You just can't choose too long so you don't miss the connection. Technology will make your choice easier - in Martinus you will choose on the tablet what you are interested in and it will indicate the department and the shelf where you can easily find the title. If you have a little more time, you can enjoy a coffee or cake at Foxford Café. In addition to the original layout of a wide selection of publications, Martinus also has other imaginative elements. They also think of younger customers - in a special department, they are transferred to a fairy tale or hidden in bunkers or forgotten in mini reading rooms.



The Yeme store on Tomášikova Street in Bratislava offers local groceries. No less attractive from a visual point of view. In its offer, Yeme mainly presents domestic producers and foreign craft producers. Fresh and tasty looking meat, a bakery from a completely different way or products from farms, all this creates a mix that is at the level of quality, honest family food with good intentions. The goods are always perfectly arranged, of course supplemented and clearly marked, and the staff is available and can always advise.



The unique Slovnaft service station is the most modern in Central Europe. It excels with innovative services such as an infokiosk at the entrance to the store, which provides information on ongoing events, fuel facts and the Bonus Club. It also provides advice to motorists on the traffic situation, weather, tourist attractions and more. The station is also interested in the built-in tablets in the tables and the mobile waiter, which provides a simplified payment when refueling or at the same time allows you to order meals from the menu. The unique Forbes Business Lounge with state-of-the-art technology is a meeting room that is available to customers and can provide them with the desired privacy. The world's popular dog wash service for bathing a pet and a children's corner make the station a "family friendly" place. The icing on the cake is the friendly and helpful staff.


AUTO PALACE bratislava

The largest authorized dealer of the BMW and MINI brands is a luxury car dealership, which has earned first place in several ways. It uses Digital Signage in a very suitable way - the LCD screen is perfectly placed in the showroom. The customer is easily oriented in the store, the individual departments are visibly marked. General and spot lighting plays an important role, underlining the exclusivity of the cars on display and their descriptions. The overall impression of the point of sale is enhanced by highly professional staff.

JULY 2022


Historically, the first winner in July 2021 was the Super Zoo breeding shop in Rača, Bratislava. A great addition to the purchase is a multimedia desk with a computer, where the customer can get all the necessary information about the goods or tips for a bargain purchase. It is possible to click through the current offers, but also to order goods if they are not currently available directly in the store. What the Super Zoo definitely deserved extra points for is the offer of unwrapped treats. The customer can easily pour delicacies for their four-legged pets into a paper bag as needed. Thumbs up for this great eco idea.

Do you have an interesting store in your area that you like to visit? Or did you just be interested in your concept or approach to the customer? Nominate it for the Visa Slovak Top Shop 2022 competition by e-mail to: nominacia@slovaktopshop.sk

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